" E.N.T. Care Clinic" - The only complete Air-conditioned ENT Clinic of Gujarat.

  1. Technically highly advanced EAR MICROSURGERY
  2. SINUS ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY- for nose and sinus diseases.
  3. Laryngeal TELESCOPY for voice problems.
  4. LASER surgery for Oral lesions.
  5. CRYOSURGERY for nasal Allergy.
  6. Head & neck cancer diagnostic Endoscopy.
  7. Audiometry and Vertigo clinic.

Features :

A) Approved clinic- certificate of registration of Nursing Home. (Form -C) No.041201198
B) Authorized Bio-Medical waste management in compliance with Gujarat pollution Control Board.
C) Pure-guard …Pure drinking water.
D) Complete Airconditioned ENT clinic.
F) Mediclaim cases taken..
G) Personalized services. We guarantee CARE. Global services at Local rates.
H) Ultra modern modular E.N.T- O.T. with advanced medical equipments-R F cautery, Microdebrider, W & H drill, CCTV,      Noiseless suction.
I)  Back up system-Inverter, 4 oxygen cylinder, 2 cautery, 2 suction.
J) AC room with fridge ,TV for day-care services etc.
K) Exclusive ENT library
L) Panel doctor- ONGC, PRL, GUHC.
I) Microdebrider from Xomed,Meditronics - USA

Surgeries we do:

    •  Lasers for Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery
    1. Oral Submucos Fibrosis
    2. Leukoplakia
    3. Benign Lesions Of Oral Cavity
    4. Vocal Code Polyps
    5. Granulations
    6. Arytenoidectomy
    7. Subglottic stenosis
    8. Snoring

    • Micro Ear Surgery for
    1. Deafness
    2. Discharging Ear
    3. Facial Nerve Paralysis
    4. Vertigo

    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    1. Sinusitis
    2. Nasal Polyposis
    3. Advanced Techniques using Microdebrider
    4. CSF Rhinorrhoea
    5. Endoscopic DCR

  • Skull Base Surgery and Otoneuro surgery
  • Tonsillectomy ¤ Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose and Face
  • Video Endoscopy for Nose, Larynx, Pharynx
  • Rigid Endoscopy for Bronchus & Esophagus
  • Micro laryngeal Surgeries for Voice Disorders
  • Advanced Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
  • Surgery for Snoring
  • Laryngo-Tracheal Stenosis

  • Audiology
  1. Diagnostic Immittance Audiometry
  2. Speech Audiometry
  3. Special Audiometry Tests
  4. Screening of Infant Hearing – OAE

  • Evaluation of Dizziness
  1. Caloric Tests

  • Speech Laboratory
  1. Diagnosis & Treatment of Speech Disorders

  • Hearing Aids
  1. Trial, Distribution and service